IX Symposium Platonicum: Plato's Politeia
General Assembly

General Assembly

The triennial General Assembly is to be held during the Symposium Platonicum in Tokyo, on the late afternoon of the 5th August:

The General Assembly elects the President, the Executive Committee and other committees and officers as it sees fit, passes resolutions on matters concerning the good running of the Society according to its aims, and votes on the themes of the Symposia (Statutes of the IPS).

At the Tokyo General Assembly, election of new Regional Representatives, and choice of venue for the 2016 Symposium are two major issues.

Election of Regional Representatives

Two members of the committee, François Renaud (representing North America) and Álvaro Vallejo Campos (one of the two members representing Europe) are due to retire in 2010, and must be replaced. The other regional representatives will be re-elected automatically unless other candidates are nominated. The nominations, signed by at least two members in good standing, may be sent to the TOC by the end of June 2010. The election will be held at the General Assembly.

Venue for the 2016 Symposium

We have received two proposals for the 2016 venue (after Pisa in 2013):

The proposals will be circulated at the Assembly. Remember that we also need to decide the topic for that Symposium.