IX Symposium Platonicum: Plato's Politeia
Paper Submission

The Instructions below are for those whose papers are accepted.

Abstracts on the Website

We post the abstracts of the papers on the Symposium Website (please visit the Abstracts Download page). These abstracts can be downloaded by anyone who wishes to read them in advance.

If one does not want to publish his or her abstract in this way, please tell the TOC soon. In this case, we will announce the name and the title of the paper only.

Those who revise the abstracts or put them into multiple languages should send new ones to the TOC for replacement.

Full papers for the Proceedings

The TOC has decided to produce in late July the "Conference Proceedings", which includes all the full papers (or summary, if one prefers) to read at the conference. The volume becomes available at the reception of the conference.

For this, those who are accepted for the longer or the shorter session are kindly requested to submit the final version of their papers by mid-May.

The "Conference Proceedings" is different from the "Selected Papers" of the Symposium, which will be published in a few years from Academia Verlag in the International Plato Study Series.

An advantage for having the “Conference Proceedings” is that participants can read all the papers in this volume. On the other hand, the Tokyo Organizing Committee will not be able to produce copies to circulate at the conference separately from the "Proceedings", although you can use photocopying facilities on campus at your own cost.

Formats for Full Papers

The papers must be in Microsoft Word or RTF files, in single-space, TIMES NEW ROMAN 10 points (footnotes, bibliography, 9 points).

You can download a sample document (Doc format) from the Website.
Click here.

Papers must not exceed the following word limits (strict!):

Short paper (Parallel, 20 min.): 3,500 words including notes and bibliography
Long paper (Plenary, 40 min. / Panel, 30 min.): 7,000 words including notes and bibliography

If you do not latinize but write Greek, please use Unicode fonts (e.g. Palatino Linotype) and attach the PDF file as well.


The deadline for submitting the final version of papers is the 11th June. All the papers should be sent to the TOC: .