IX Symposium Platonicum: Plato's Politeia
List of speakers Thursday, 5 August (provisional)

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Plenary Session 2

Charles Kahn Philosophical Motivation for the Doctrine of Forms
Rafael Ferber Ho de diōkei men hapasa psychē kai toutou heneka panta prattei
Debra Nails Plato's Republic in its Athenian Context

Presentation of Plato Bibliography

Benoît Castelnérac

Parallel Session 5-A: Mathematics

A.G. Wersinger «Comme si c'etait evident…»: Le mathematicien dans la «Ligne» (Republique VI 510a-)
Arbogast Schimitt Mathematics as Epistemology. The Justification of the Doctrine of Ideas at the Outset of the 7th Book of the Republic and its Relation to the 'communis mathematica scientia'
Chiye Izumi The Role of Stereometry in Plato’s Republic
Moon-Heum Yang How Arithmetic is useful for understanding the Good as the Principle of Forms in Plato's Republic

Parallel Session 5-B: Mimesis (3)

Angelo Casasova Platonic Mimesis and the Foundation of the Kallipolis. Joking and seriousness, Consistency and Contradiction
Tosca Lynch «μὴ νεωτερίζειν»: Platonic worries about the risk of ethico-esthetical paranomia between harmonics and politics.
Martin Harbsmeier "...and indeed not by poetry either" Mimetic Poetry and the Choice of the Best Life in Plato's Republic
Giovanni Casertano L'idea, il letto e la virtù

Parallel Session 5-C: Good (2)

Hugh Benson The Form of the Good as the Unhypothetical First Principle of Everything in the Republic
Beatriz Bossi Why does Plato use pleasure to persuade people to attain the good?
Richard Patterson Unity and Goodness in the Republic
Joseph O’Leary Heidegger's Mobile Assessment of Plato's Discourse on the Good

Parallel Session 5-D: Truth and Lie

Verity Harte Falsehood and Ignorance; Truth and Simplicity
Mario Regali Il palazzo di Odisseo e la città di Socrate: la sezione sull'aletheia nel III libro della Repubblica (389b2-d6)
Nikos Charalabopoulos Dreams, autochthony, and metals: Why does Plato's ideal city need a foundation myth (Rep. III 414b-415d)
Alessandro Stavru Phainesthai and Aletheia in the Republic