IX Symposium Platonicum: Plato's Politeia
List of speakers Friday, 6 August (provisional)

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Panel Session 2: "Psyche" Panel

Christopher Gill What is the Point of the Tripartite Psyche in Plato's Republic?
Francesco Fronterotta Plato's psychology in Republic IV and X: how many parts of the soul?
Olivier Renaut La fonction du θυμός dans la République
Luc Brisson (Chair)
Carlos Steel (Commentator)

6-A: Gods

Mark McPherran The Gods of the Republic
David Runia The theme of 'becoming like god' in Plato's Republic
Mostafa Younesie Initiation into the Constitution of Polis through Religion? Politeia 327A-328B

6-B: Tripartite Soul (3)

Álvaro Vallejo Campos Plato's Theory of Conflict in the Soul
Lucas Soares Stásis del alma y psicologización de la política en República IV
Suzanne Obdrzalek Erōs Tyrannos: Philosophical Passion and Psychic Ordering in the Republic

6-C: Forms (3)

Edward Halper Knowledge of the Whole
Daniel Regnier The Republic's Divided Imagination : from eikasia and dianoia to phantasia
Maria Liatsi Plato’s Theory of Signs in the Politeia on the way to Semiotics in the Seventh Letter

6-D: Philosopher (3)

Aikaterini Lefka L'eudaimonia des gardien(ne)s philosophes
Raúl Gutiérrez El retorno a la caverna y el conocimiento de sí mismo
Annie Larivée Eros Tyrannos: Alcibiades, Model of the Tyrant in the Republic

7-A: Myth of Er

Vishwa Adluri The Importance of Being Er
Satoshi Ogihara A Literal Interpretation of the Myth of Er in the Republic
Sylvain Delcomminette Caractère et choix de vie

7-B: Political Philosophy (2)

Alex Long Political origins and the defence of justice in Republic 8
Francisco Gonzalez Philosophy and/as Politics in Plato’s Republic: Ancient and Contemporary Interpretations
Federico Zuolo Republic's Political Idealism: between Utopia and Ideal Theory

7-C: Forms (4)

Maria Teresa Padilla La matemática y la dialéctica en República V-VII
Antonio Mesquita Evidencing Ideas in Plato's Republic VII (524c-525a)
Georgia Mouroutsou The Allegory of the Cave: Methodos and Kathodos

7-D: Ancient and Modern

Tomohiko Kondo Chrysippus' criticism of the theory of justice in Plato's Republic
Livio Rossetti Ancient (and contemporary) accounts of the Republic
Triin Kallas Platonic images as shaped by the translations of the Republic

Yamamoto Memorial Lecture

Myles Burnyeat On Re-Reading Plato's Republic I
Shinro Kato (Chair)